EcoRubber Comfort Pad is the perfect underlay for your artificial turf solution. Made from recycled truck tires and milk bottles, our rubber is both environmentally friendly and extremely safety conscious.

New Zealand safety regulations stipulate that all playgrounds and fall-zone areas must have a shock pad underneath. EcoRubber conforms to the highest safety standards.

For additional support on sports fields, we recommend our 10mm thickness EcoRubber Comfort Pad, which can be included in our quotes and installed by our trained professionals when they come to lay your artificial turf.

Call or email us now for more information on our EcoRubber Shock Pad and get the best out of your new sports field or playground installation by installing the perfect underlay and keeping your kids and athletes alike safe and comfortable.

A superior quality underlay designed for prestigious applications, luxury housing and hotels. 10mm thickness for even more comfort, warmth and sound insulations.

Domestic Information

Thickness 10mm
Density 325kg3
Underlay Classification H C – Heavy Commercial
Rubber 100% Recycled Crumb
Backing 60g Recycled Polypropylene
Roll Width 1.50m
Roll Length 7.32m
Roll Area 10.98m(3 Broadloom)
Average Roll Weight 35Kg
Guarantee 10 years

 Commercial Information

Performance Characteristics

10mm Eco-Comfort



AS 4288 – 2003

Thickness mm 8.59 +/- 0.2 AS 2111.1 3mm range
Weight g/m2 2920 +/- 90
Mean Elongation & 40N 3.06 % AS 4288 20% Max
Mean Breaking Strength Warp 16.00 kg AS 4288 4.1 kg min
Mean Breaking Strength Weft 13.15 kg AS 4288 4.1 kg min
Work of Compression J/m_ 128 AS 4288 50 Min – 200 Max
Retention of Work of Compression 94.40 % AS 4288 40 % min
Deflection before 100 Cycles mm 3.31 AS 4288 1.5 Min
Deflection after 1000 Cycles mm 3.32 AS 4288 9.0 Max
Mean loss of Thickness Dynamic loading 2.46% AS/NZ 2111.2 15% Max
Mean loss of Thickness Static loading 5.24% AS/NZ 2111.14 15% Max
Weighted Impact Sound Improvement_Lw* TBC ISO 140-8
Weighted Impact Sound Improvement_Lw TBC ISO 140-8